Chobham Road Surgery

The same exemplary standards of care but closer to home

The same exemplary standards of care as our main RCVS accredited hospital but closer to home

At our Sunningdale Practice (on Chobham Road), we work hard to bring you some exceptional care that’s really focused on ensuring your pet is looked after. We are a small practice, but we are confident that we can deliver the kind of health care for your pet that gives them all round protection and preventative support.

We work alongside the main hospital at Runnymede, and that means that we are in a unique position in the local area. You probably know that Runnymede was one of the first hospitals to be given accreditation by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons? We work closely with them, so you get the benefit of a small and friendly practice with us, and access to a cutting edge hospital with Runnymede.

This means that your pet can be transferred quickly if further investigation is required regarding the complaint, or a surgery-based intervention is needed. We share all records with Runnymede, so we have all the information we need on your pet and their requirements if we need to refer them quickly to the hospital.

If we were to describe the experience here at Sunningdale, we would simply say that you have a friendly, small local team that is committed to the health and welfare of your pet.
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