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Senior Wellness

Providing excellent care for your senior pets

It is for dogs over 7 and cats over 10 years of age

It is designed as a health screen aimed to pick up changes in your pet’s health that may not be obvious yet, but with early detection and possible treatment or lifestyle adjustments, may make a huge difference to the comfort and quality of life of your pet!

There are 5 components to the senior wellness screen:

Health review

This provides you with the opportunity to let us know of any concerns you have.

A full clinical examination performed by one of our vets

This involves assessment of your pet’s weight and body condition score, mouth and teeth, eyes and ears, lymph nodes, thyroid gland, skin, heart and lungs, abdomen, joints and mobility.

A comprehensive blood test to include biochemistry and haematology

This allows assessment of the internal organs such as the liver and kidneys, as well as a full blood count.

Urine analysis

A urine sample can give us a surprising amount of information –assessing the concentration of the urine can give us an insight into how well the kidneys are functioning. we also routinely measure the acidity (ph) of the urine as well as checking for any blood, protein or glucose which can be markers of problems such as urinary tract infections, kidney disease and diabetes.

Blood pressure measurement:

Older animals, in particular cats, are more likely to develop hypertension (high blood pressure), which if left untreated can cause blindness as well as damage to the kidneys, heart and brain. the procedure, which only takes a few minutes, involves placing an inflatable cuff around a leg. it is completely pain free and well tolerated by most animals.

To see what happens at a senior health assessment click here.

Our senior wellness screen costs just £109, which is a saving of £91.92 on the cost of these tests if performed once your pet has become visibly unwell.

Members of the Pets1st health club receive a further £20 off, which means the cost is only £89.00, which is a saving of £111.92.

  Normal Price    Senior Wellness Screen
Full physical exam      £55.47 Included
Blood test  £98.45 Included
Urine analysis £12.00 Included
Blood pressure check   £35.00 Included
Total £200.92 £109 or £89 for members of the Pets1st Health care Plan 

If you’d like any more information about the senior wellness screen, or if you want to book an appointment, please get in touch straightaway.