Pets 1st Health Club

Helping to keep your pets in great shape throughout their lives

Regular health checks, parasite control and vaccinations all help to keep your pets in great shape throughout their lives. Comprehensive and cost-effective, our Pets 1st Health Club includes all recommended routine preventative care and allows you to spread the cost throughout the year.

No big bills all coming at the same time. No nasty surprises.
Just a regular monthly direct debit offering great value, convenience and peace of mind.

We encourage you to join this scheme because routine care is an important part of responsible pet ownership. It keeps your pet in the best possible health and helps them lead a happier and healthier life.

One regular monthly payment covers all this:

  • Vaccinations (including kennel cough for dogs and leukemia for cats)
  • Full annual health assessment with one of our vets
  • 6 month Health assessment with one of our Vets
  • Flea Control throughout the year
  • Supplies of worming products throughout the year

Plus the following services and advice from our team of experienced RVNS (Registered Veterinary Nurse)

  • Behavioural and nutritional advice
  • Dental check-ups
  • Anal gland check-ups
  • Free nail clips
  • Annual urine analysis for cats and dogs and annual blood pressure monitoring for cats.
  • Free Microchip

Plus further discount on all these treatments and services:

  • 20% off Neutering NEW June 2022
  • 10% off Dental treatments and associated oral care products
  • £20.00 Discount of Senior Wellness Assessment
  • Plus from 1st June 2022  all Pets 1st Health Club members receive 25% discount off all Purina and Royal Canin pet food and 10% of all Hills Pet food
  • 20% discount off of selected long-term medication nutraceuticals.*

*For a list of the selected drugs, click here.

What is a chronic condition?

Chronic conditions are a fact of life for humans and pets. These diseases are classified as chronic because they last a long time and more often than not, permanently. The frequency of chronic diseases increases as the pet ages.

For example, some common chronic conditions that affect elderly pets include arthritis, liver diseases such as Cushing's, heart disease, diabetes, cancer and kidney failure. However, young pets can also develop chronic, lifelong conditions such as epilepsy and skin allergies.

Membership of Pets1st Health Club starts from just:

£14.50 for a cat, £17.50 for a small dog, £18.50 medium dog, £22.00 large dog, £30.00 giant dog and £10.00 for a rabbit.

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