Acupuncture could be an excellent way to alleviate muscle pain or arthritis

Does your dog suffer from muscle pain or arthritis? Did you know that acupuncture could be an excellent way to alleviate their discomfort?

Acupuncture is a simple and effective way to treat muscular pain, arthritis, and a host of other problems that can otherwise make your dog feel very uncomfortable. The process involves inserting very fine needles into certain parts of the body, which are known as trigger points. When implemented safely and professionally, the outcomes can mean that an animal can feel an alleviation of pain.

We are trained in acupuncture techniques and administer a very professional approach. This means that most dogs that we work with do not even feel the needles (which are thinner than a standard hypodermic needle) as they go in. The treatment usually takes around 20 minutes.

How acupuncture works

The needles effectively block pain messages that the brain receives at the level of the spinal cord. Acupuncture as a treatment works because it then stimulates the release of the body’s own pain-relieving substances. Relaxation of the muscles is also an outcome, and this creates natural pain relief for the dog. Best of all, acupuncture has no side effects, which makes it preferable to drug-based treatments.

How regular? How long?

Four weekly sessions is generally seen as a good course of treatment. After this there is a period of review, during which we work with you to assess whether or not your pet is receiving any benefits from the treatment.

Around 75% of pets go on to receive weekly treatments after this assessment stage. Your pet may seem a little sore after that first treatment or they may seem unchanged. It isn’t until the first four weeks are over that we can truly assess the value of the treatment for the pet. It is important to remember that a build-up of treatments is far more effective than a few treatments being applied before ending the course.

When it comes to insurance, most providers cover acupuncture but we advise that you check first. We are always happy to help so please give us a call on 01784 436367 to book your appointment.