FREE Heart Check Up

Does your dog have a healthy heart? We are offering a FREE heart check up to all our canine patients from the age of 5, because we know how devastating heart disease can be.

Fortunately new evidence has shown that there is more we can be doing to help dogs if a problem is picked up at an early stage. As a result, we are inviting our canine patients to have a heart screening now. Hopefully everything will be absolutely fine, but if we do find anything unexpected then we’ll be able to discuss this with you.

Heart murmurs are graded 1-6 if a murmur is identified of 3 or above this is usually caused by the most common form of heart disease Mitral Valve Disease. The murmur that can be heard is may be due to the blood flowing backwards though a leaky mitral valve within the heart.

Overtime this can lead to enlargement of the heart and ultimately congestive heart failure. Dogs can live asymptomatically, showing no outward signs of heart disease, for long periods of time even while these changes are taking place. Eventually as the disease progresses signs of heart failure such as an increased breathing rate and lethargy will be seen.

Contact us now to book your dog in for a free healthy heart exam.