Poisoning and Emergency

Remove your pet from the source of poison

Remove your pet from the source of poison

  • Do not try to make your pet vomit – NEVER give salt water
  • Contact your veterinary surgeon for advice – do not delay seeking advice even if your pet is well

Your vet will ask for details of what has happened

  • Collect the poison and take a sample with you if you are advised to take your pet to the practice
  • Remember to protect yourself and others

General advice

If you have a pet, particularly a new puppy or kitten, look around your home and garden and think about what might interest an inquisitive animal. Potential hazards include:

  • Medicines left lying around
  • A bag on the floor–open or otherwise
  • Easy access to food items e.g. chocolate, sweets, etc
  • House plants and cut flowers
  • Air freshening devices or pot pourri in an open bowl
  • Dropped or spilt medicines
  • Cigarettes or e-cigarettes(or their refills) lying around
  • Containers of cleaners, decorating products (such as paint, white spirit or mastics) or garden chemicals, especially if open
  • Edible or inedible items delivered through the post
  • Loose batteries left lying around

If in doubt call us on:

Runnymede Hill: 01784 436367
Chobham Road: 01344 620504