If you suspect your pet has a parasite, get in touch

Would you be able to tell if your pet had a parasite problem?

Could you spot a parasite problem in your pet? Most of us are actually unable to recognise that our pet has a problem with parasites. But some parasites are more than just a ‘problem’. In some extreme cases, parasites can cause serious issues, and can even prove to be fatal.

It is vital that your pet is checked regularly for the presence of parasites, including fleas, ticks and worms. These conditions can cause considerable irritation and discomfort for your pet, and can even cause death.


This is the most common parasite our pets are exposed to. Fleas live in any warm environment, including in an animal’s fur. Fleas can even live in tall grass. It is unfortunate that fleas are prolific when it comes to offspring, producing up to 50 babies a day. This means that once your pet is infested, they are very difficult to get rid of. Fleas drink blood, which is why you may see red bumps in your pet’s skin. These bumps can be very itchy.

What’s worse, your pet may groom him or herself when he or she has fleas. This means they may swallow eggs and develop a further worm infestation. These worms live on in your pet’s gut, which makes your pet very unwell and requires swift and professional treatment.

At Runnymede our vets know exactly what to do. With years of experience of treating animals with parasites, they’ll make the right decisions and ensure that your pet receives appropriate treatment to help them recover quickly.

If you suspect your pet has a parasite, get in touch. If you just want to be sure, contact us and we will give them a through check-up.

It pays to be prepared when it comes to parasites.

For more information about parasites, or to book an appointment with a member of our experienced team, please call us on Runnymede, 01784 436367 or Sunningdale, 01344 620504.