We provide a professional, high quality and gentle neutering service

We provide a professional, high quality and gentle neutering service

Have you decided that you don’t want your pet to breed? If you have, then neutering makes sense. It is responsible too, and it makes sense financially. You may find yourself suddenly presented with a litter of puppies, for example. If you want to avoid this, and have taken the conscious decision to do so, then neutering your pet is the only way forward.

For a female animal spaying prevents unwanted pregnancy. It can also mean that there is no chance of her coming into season and attracting unwanted attention. Other infections are also prevented, including infections of the uterus.

If you have a male animal, castration will remove the chance of testicular cancer. In addition, roaming and aggressive behaviour will be reduced, as well as urinary marking. It’s also possible to prevent mating with siblings.

If you have made the decision to neuter your animal, it is recommended that it is done at a young age. We have dedicated nurses who help with the process and monitor recovering animals. Most of the time, your pet will be home with you by the end of the day.

Just remember, if your pet falls pregnant and you aren’t ready for it, the financial cost of a litter of kittens or puppies could be quite damaging.

If you’d like any more information about the neutering process, or if you want to book an appointment for your pet to be neutered, please get in touch straightaway. You can call us on 01784 436367.