Microchipping can make a real difference if your pet ever gets lost

Microchipping can make a real difference if your pet ever gets lost. Is your pet chipped yet?

Have you microchipped your pet? Some things in a pet’s life are viewed as essential, and a microchip is soon to be one of those things.

From April 2016 it will be a legal requirement in the UK to have your pet microchipped. Tiny but sophisticated, a microchip could mean the world of difference if your dog ever gets lost.

The microchip is tiny and is inserted just below their skin, between the animal’s shoulder blades. It is completely painless and the animal will not be aware that something has been placed into their body.

The chip works because it carries a unique identification number that leads directly to your contact details as the animal’s owner when it is fed into the National Pet Database.


There is a single, one-off payment that applies to the microchipping service. Once the chip is in place you don’t need to pay any more money. All you have to do is keep in touch with us and let us know if your address and contact details change.

Safe and secure

Microchipping keeps your pet safe and secure. It is much more reliable than a collar address system because these can become worn or can be lost.

To find out more about our microchipping service and to arrange a consultation, please contact us on 01784 436367.