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The very best dental care for your pet

Our team of experts use their years of experience to provide the very best dental care for your pet

As a pet owner it is highly unlikely that you are fully aware of your pet’s dentistry needs. That’s why it’s important that your pet is seen by professionals, and on a regular basis. We offer high quality dental care for your pet, and we offer it around the clock.

We do this while at the same time maintaining a practice that has the very latest in dentistry equipment for animals. All of the machinery and tools that we have on our premises are cutting edge and guarantee high quality care and support for your pet’s dental requirements. This includes ultrasonic scaling, polishing and the latest drilling equipment. Our staff have years of experience in dentistry with animals, and they are trained specifically to help reduce and to treat common dental issues. In addition, we have specialist dental nurses who are able to give you guidance and advice on how to care for your pet’s teeth at home. That means advice on brushing and food, as well as any oral preparations that are required.

Dental pain in your pet

Unfortunately, your pet will find it very difficult to let you know that they are suffering dental pain. Most of the time, they will be quieter than normal, or withdrawn. However, they will still feel the same level of pain that we do when we have an abscess, for example, or a simple mouth ulcer. It’s impossible sometimes to detect this pain, which is why it is worthwhile bringing your pet in for a check-up.

The process

Your pet will require general anaesthetic for any dental treatment. Most of the time, this is all done on a day release process. Your pet is taken care of, first thing, by a veterinary nurse, and then certain procedures are carried out to ensure cleanliness. This ensures we do not have any contamination from infected mouths. Normally, your pet is allowed to go home in the late afternoon.

To book your pet in for a free dental nurse appointment and check-up, contact us on 01784 436367